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Webinar: Focus on the Revised Common Rule: Informed Consent

This webinar will discuss new elements of the Rule impacting informed consent, including:

  • Changes in the basic and additional elements of the informed consent
  • New requirement that consent documents begin with a concise presentation of key information, presented in a manner that facilitates the subject's understanding
  • New broad consent option for the collection, storage, and secondary research use of biospecimens or identifiable private information
  • Changes in the criteria for waiver of informed consent related to screening/recruitment and research involving the use of identifiable biospecimens and/or data
  • Clarifications regarding the determination of who is a legally authorized representative
  • Increased clarity regarding requirements/methods for documentation of informed consent
Please note that this content is a part of multiple bundle series titled Focus on the Revised Common Rule. Click here to see the full bundle array. Click here to see the Biomedical Bundle. Click here to see the SBER bundle.