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Webinar: (2015-04) Practical and Effective Approaches to Educate IRB Members

Educating institutional review board (IRB) members can be a challenging task. How do you balance finding effective ways to deliver relevant and valuable information with limited time and resources? What are the best methodologies to evaluate the impact of your educational plan? For those responsible for or involved in educating IRB members, this webinar helped explore these questions and develop a successful IRB member education program.

An IRB is a group of individuals formally designated to review and monitor research involving human subjects to ensure that the rights and welfare of human research participants are protected in accordance with federal regulations. In addition to attending IRB meetings, the responsibilities and obligations of IRB members may include: performing review functions for new and continuing research; reviewing modifications to IRB-approved research; applying regulations and ethical principles to specific protocols; and maintaining awareness of trends and developments in protection requirements. (Presented by April 7, 2015)

Providing IRB members with a solid knowledge base through proper training and education is vital to ensure they can perform the tasks associated with their roles in human subjects protections. During this webinar, presenters:
  • Discussed challenges faced in building an education plan for IRB members
  • Explored opportunities to educate IRB members when internal resources are limited
  • Recommended methodologies to evaluate the effectiveness of an IRB member education program

What Will I Learn?

By the end of this basic webinar, participants were able to:
  • Incorporate effective methods to provide education to IRB members
  • Determine appropriate topics and content for IRB member training

Who Should Attend?

IRB chairs, members, administrators, and staff; institutional officials; and research and regulatory educators will benefit from attending this webinar.

Continuing Education
Webinar participants holding the Certified IRB Professional (CIP®) credential may apply 1.5 continuing education credits towards CIP recertification. Learn More »

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