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Webinar: (2016-11) Responding to Noncompliance in Human Subjects Research

Noncompliance can cause significant problems for study participants, institutions, sponsors, the IRB, and investigators. While definitions of “minor,” “serious,” and “continuing” noncompliance vary from institution to institution, noncompliance itself involves the failure to act in accordance with federal regulations, state and local laws, institutional policies, or IRB requirements in human subjects research. When it comes to noncompliant investigators, it is paramount for IRBs to understand and identify the underlying causes of the noncompliance to implement successful solutions. This webinar will examine empirical evidence on factors that contribute to investigator noncompliance and offer recommendations for addressing it. (Presented on November 1, 2016)

Presented by a compliance manager and a social scientist whose own research focuses on noncompliance, this webinar will discuss:
  • Preventing noncompliance
  • Identifying potential root and systemic causes of noncompliance
  • Reporting and responding to findings of noncompliance, including strategies for addressing persistent noncompliance
  • Bridging communication and motivation gaps between investigators and IRBs
  • Training options for noncompliant investigators

What will I learn?

After attending this webinar, attendees will be able to:
  • Understand the potential root and systemic causes of noncompliance in human subjects research
  • Report findings of noncompliance appropriately
  • Identify potential corrective and preventative actions, and other possible responses to noncompliance, including disciplinary letters, increased oversight, online training, suspended human subjects research privileges, and remediation education
  • Communicate effectively with investigators to improve compliance

Who should attend?

This intermediate-level webinar will benefit human research protections program (HRPP), IRB, compliance, and research integrity professionals, as well as institutional officials, researchers, and research staff.

Continuing Education
Webinar participants holding the Certified IRB Professional (CIP®) credential may apply 1.5 continuing education credits towards CIP recertification. Learn More »

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