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Webinar: (2021-03) Omnium-Gatherum: An SBER Variety Show

Ominum-Gatherum (noun): a miscellaneous collection

Due to the diverse methodologies, interdisciplinary nature, and broad implications of social, behavioral, and educational research (SBER), IRBs who review SBER are presented with unique challenges. This webinar will address three topics, providing a high-level summary, discussing the challenges that may arise, and sharing tips on how to navigate the review process. The topics will include Terms of Service agreements, randomized controlled trials in the social sciences, and research involving deception.

  • Terms of Service agreements
  • Randomized controlled trials in the social sciences
  • Research involving deception
  • Virtual roundtable Q&A

What will I learn?
After attending this webinar, you will be able to:
  • Provide a high-level overview of three SBER topics
  • Identify challenges and provide considerations regarding terms of service agreements, randomized controlled trials in the social sciences, and research involving deception
  • Share IRB review strategies for approaching these topics

Who should attend?

Before attending this session, attendees should have a basic knowledge of Learn More

Access Interval

Access to live content will be available for 90 days after the recording is made available. After 90 days, access to the content will be removed, but users will retain access to any certificates of attendance earned. To earn a certificate, one must complete all required sections and complete the certificate section within the 90-day access period. After access has expired, users can purchase an additional 90 days of access.


We’d like to thank our supporter for this webinar, HRP Consulting Group.
HRP Consulting Group provides expert advice to institutions seeking to develop or improve all aspects of their human research protection program. For more information, please visit

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