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PRIM&R On Demand: Effective Communication Strategies for Animal Care and Use Programs

PRIM&R On Demand offers recorded workshops from past PRIM&R events to provide flexible group learning opportunities for your team. Select a pre-recorded program taught by expert faculty on relevant issues for human subjects protections and animal care and use, optimized for group viewing; feel free to watch however works best for your needs, whether that’s all together in one room, or separately while working from home. The viewing guide document includes the time stamps of different sections, to help you stay on track.

It is clear that the public’s trust in biomedical research is key to the development of both scientific knowledge and medical advancements. This workshop will focus on clarifying those situations that can both build and erode the public’s trust. The workshop will also propose strategies that can be implemented at personal, team and organizational levels that build public trust.
*This workshop was originally presented at the 2021 IACUC Conference

Access Interval
Access to live content will be available for 90 days after the recording is made available. After 90 days, access to the content will be removed, but users will retain access to any certificates of attendance earned. To earn a certificate, one must complete all required sections and complete the certificate section within the 90-day access period. After access has expired, users can purchase an additional 90 days of access.

Group Information
PRIM&R On Demand is a group learning opportunity. A group representative should purchase the course, and a PRIM&R staff member will send specific access instructions within a day or two of purchase.
  • There is no limit to the number of learners who can take the course, however, learners taking the course under one license should be affiliated with the same site or location.
  • It is the responsibility of the person whose name is used to purchase the course to help their users create accounts, add team members, and distribute information to their colleagues. Instructions will be provided.
  • Only the person purchasing the license needs to be a PRIM&R member in order to receive the member institutional rate.
A transcript is available upon request.