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Webinar: (2022-03) New Guidelines for Human Stem Cell-Related Research: Implications for IRBs and Institutions

There have been stunning scientific advances in human stem cell-related research that abut an array of ethical and regulatory issues. To help address these issues at a practical level, the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) updated its guidelines, which were released in May 2021. This session, which includes bioethics members of the global task force that updated the guidelines, will guide attendees through important IRB-specific aspects of the revised ISSCR guidelines. Speakers will provide an overview of the guidelines and discuss areas of human stem cell-related research that merit IRB review, including the procurement of biospecimens used to derive new stem cell lines, unique considerations for clinical translational research, and the differences between IRB review and the ISSCR’s specialized oversight system for stem cell research.

This webinar is based on a session the speakers presented at the 2021 AER Conference.


  • The Development of Guidelines for Human Stem Cell Research/Overview of New Guidelines
  • Laboratory Based Research, Specialized Oversight Processes and the Procurement of Biospecimens
  • Guidelines for Clinical Translation
  • Q&A
What will I learn?
  • Discuss the relationship of the ISSCR Guidelines to existing mechanisms of ethics oversight such as IRBs.
  • Understand the special considerations for IRB review for stem cell related research (such as that involving biospecimens and clinical translation).
  • Identify research that warrants specialized oversight that falls outside the remit of IRBs.
Who should attend?
IRB members, chairs and staff; Institutional Officials: researchers; IACUC and ESCRO members, chairs and staff. No prerequisite knowledge is required.

Access Interval

Access to live content will be available for 90 days after the recording is made available. After 90 days, access to the content will be removed, but users will retain access to any certificates of attendance earned. To earn a certificate, one must complete all required sections and complete the certificate section within the 90-day access period. After access has expired, users can purchase an additional 90 days of access.

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Continuing Education

Webinar participants holding the Certified IRB Professional (CIP®) credential may apply 1.25 continuing education credits towards CIP recertification. Learn More