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RSE Cost and Quality Benchmarking Tool Webinar

With the 2nd release of the 2021 RSE Cost and Quality Benchmarking Reports, the Renal Services Exchange will be hosting a webinar to review this valuable tool and share utilization best practices.

The Benchmarking Report tool includes data for 2016-2020 from Medicare cost reports and clinical and quality data from the FY2021 Dialysis Facility Reports, from the Dialysis Facility Compare as of October 2020, and from the Payment Year 2021 QIP reporting files.

NEW! For this year's webinar, there will be a Special Analysis on the ETC Model, looking at characteristics and outcomes of ETC vs Non-ETC participants, going beyond the statistics already reported in the Benchmarking Tool, including a look at "ETC Orphans"; i.e. - those facilities with no home program and no other commonly-owned facilities in their HRR to aggregate results with.