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Xcelerate Software

Restore Your Power to Succeed Profitable restoration job management software - built by those who know the industry best.

Xcelerate is an innovative restoration job management solution that brings together the tools contractors need to succeed into a single, intuitive platform. You know better than anyone that running a profitable, thriving restoration company is becoming harder and harder. Having the right tool to manage your business has never been more important.

Xcelerate is designed for the restoration contractor industry.

• Increase your operational efficiency
• Improve your profitability
• Elevate both your job and team management

Business Dashboards
Review business performance metrics on insightful dashboards and make more qualified decisions.

Real-Time Project Updates
View, update and manage all account data in real-time and effortlessly communicate with teams.

Mobile Friendly
Access your account and related business info anytime, anywhere with the Xcelerate mobile app.

Automated Workflows
Build simple, yet intuitive automated workflows for managing program-related tasks.

Reports and Forecasting
Dive deep into customizable report data that highlights leads, production info, KPIs and much more.

GPS and Time Tracking
Automate technician time tracking through GPS fencing technology, saving you time and effort.