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Activate Group, Inc.

In 2004, Howard M. Shore founded Activate Group, Inc. after scaling and exiting several of his own businesses and consulting for Fortune 500 companies seeking to maximize employee productivity, he recognized the patterns that made good companies great. Today, Activate Group Inc. is a premier business acceleration firm for companies of at least $5 million in annual revenue with CEO's ready to scale using proven strategies, systems, tools, and software that create cash flow without draining leadership’s resources and time.

The entire Activate Team is focused on four areas of purpose: 
1.Inspire the achievement of seemingly out of reach audacious goals 
2.Transform your business 
3.Free up your time to do the things that are important to you on a personal level 
4.Transform your life 
Welcome to Activate Group Inc. We believe that every leader has the ability to achieve significantly more growth, revenue, and profits than they ever imaged. Using our proven framework, you’ll tap into the unlocked potential of your employees, accelerate your results, reduce stress, and find the time to do the things that are most important to you.