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RIMS Fundamentals of Insurance Overview

Course info

This online course is designed for the participant to acquire a solid understanding of property and casualty insurance as a key risk financing tool. The online course will cover insurable risks, the insurance transaction, liability concepts, standard property and casualty insurance policies, and best practice approaches in protecting an organization through insurance.

Each module will have character narratives, though there will be an omniscient narrator voice guiding the user through the course, without a central avatar.

What You Will Learn

  • Explain the basic concepts of insurable risk and its treatment through the insurance mechanism.
  • Mitigate an organization’s risks by more effectively using insurance as a key risk management tool.
  • Define fundamental legal principals of insurance.
  • Describe the key concepts that underlie typical insurance transactions.
  • Review insurance contracts to maximize coverage and minimize cost to an organization.
  • Gain knowledge of the commercial insurance industry needed to assess and ensure its alignment with an organization’s strategies.
  • Recognize and minimize general liability loss exposures.

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$199 USD Non-Members
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RIMS Core Competency CategoryRisk Management Knowledge