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Bridging Strategy & Implementation with SRM

Achieving strategy success may be considered the ultimate example of managing risk exceptionally well. Yet many organizations and leaders struggle to achieve desired results from their strategy efforts and strategic initiatives pursued.

RIMS is pleased to offer this webinar featuring writer, strategy advisor and design thinking expert, Roger Martin in conversation with strategic risk practitioner, Monica Merrifield. Join us to hear about the interplay between strategy and risk, and how to increase the odds of success.
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*NEW: Disruption: How Managing Risk can be a Strategic Advantage

In the 2000s, we worried about black swans and failing fast. Now we are consumed with talk of surviving disruption and enhancing resilience. Yet there is growing recognition that navigating constant turbulence can be transformed from a necessary organizational capability into strategic advantage especially when we understand the disruption timeline and respond to it in a well-thought out manner. What happens when strategy is not just responsive to disruption, but looks to embrace or even become it? How do we do this while still demonstrating sound risk management? Are these even compatible with each other? Tune into the RIMS webinar to hear the discussion on how disruption, strategy, and risk can collide to create value and opportunity.

Climate Change and Natural Hazards Resiliency – what did we learn from an eventful 2017 storm season?

2017 was one of the most eventful, and damaging Atlantic storm seasons we have seen. This webinar will take a look at how it relates to concerns over Climate Change and tools available to understand and mitigate natural hazard exposures in a changing environment to allow organizations to control their own destiny. This will include a look at how mitigation was accomplished in the 2017 season.

Risk Taker vs Risk Manager: Building a Bridge Between Strategy and Risk Management

As risk management professionals, we talk a lot about having a "seat at the table". To get a “seat at the table,” risk managers need to do a better job of understanding the value of risk and its positive impact in the workplace. Then, we can examine ways to build and strengthen relationships with formal and informal leadership increasing the value proposition of both the risk manager and the risk management function as a whole. In this webinar, we will discuss the relationship between: strategy and risk management, strategic risk management, and the role of risk taker and risk manager. This webinar is a follow-up to the RIMS Executive Report Risk Taker vs Risk Manager: Building a Bridge Between Strategy and Risk Management.

1) Understand how executives view and address organizational and professional risk.
2) Obtain deeper insight into organizational strategy and strategic risk management.
3) Learn how to develop and communicate value propositions for CEOs and other executives.
4) Identify tools that assist in managing strategic risk and other resources that will help develop strategic risk management skills.