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Bridging Strategy & Implementation with SRM

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Achieving strategy success may be considered the ultimate example of managing risk exceptionally well. Yet many organizations and leaders struggle to achieve desired results from their strategy efforts and strategic initiatives pursued.

RIMS is pleased to offer this webinar featuring writer, strategy advisor and design thinking expert, Roger Martin in conversation with strategic risk practitioner, Monica Merrifield. Join us to hear about the interplay between strategy and risk, and how to increase the odds of success.
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Pay Up or Else- Ransomware Risks

High profile ransomware attacks like Wannacry and Petya have companies worldwide on high alert. Whether access to the operating system is blocked, files are encrypted or certain applications are unusable, in all cases the organization is hit with a ransom demand in order to stop the attack and resume business as usual. And paying ransom won't necessarily fix everything. In this session, we'll discuss the effects of the latest ransomware attacks, what precautions companies are taking not to fall victim, and if they do, what companies should be doing to assure their networks and their information does not suffer lingering effects from an attack.

A Tale of Two Vendors – An Integrated Risk and Disability Solution

An integrated disability and absence management model is often supported by a single, outsourced vendor. In managing both occupational and non-occupational injuries/illnesses, employers are often faced with the daunting task of navigating employees through disability, workers compensation, leave and accommodation processes – all while dealing with physical and/or emotional impairments that interfere with their ability to work. A single, outsourced vendor handling all of these leaves may sound desirable, but it’s not the only way to drive business performance through an integrated risk and disability model.

In the beginning of 2015, the Comcast US Benefit and Risk Management teams formed a strong partnership that has continued to flourish. This partnership brought together two separate internal departments and in turn, two separate outsourced third party administrators. As this partnership evolved, lines of communication opened, return-to-work processes were refined, cross-functional strategies were shared and all parties endeavored to work towards the same overarching goal of enhancing the employee experience when facing an injury or illness through advocacy, education and guidance. Our multi-vendor approach has yielded significant dividends, lower litigation rates and illustrates how a large employer can achieve success through vendor integration.