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Online Learning Series: Financial Risk Management Fundamentals (NEW)

This learning series consists of four one-hour live sessions, featuring real-life examples and interactive polls. It also includes a pre-session reading list, post-session exercises, and a course recap quiz. The expected study time is twelve hours, of which four hours’ live instruction, four hours’ optional pre-reading and four hours’ optional post-session exercises and quiz. Members attend for $49 and non-members for $149.

This brand new series is divided into the below categories over a period of four weeks:

February 1: Market Risk
February 8: Credit Risk
February 15: Liquidity Risk
February 22: Interconnected Financial Risk

Each category addresses three stages of financial risk management:
1. The principal types of risk, their terminology and the circumstances in which they occur
2. The most commonly used forms of risk measurement
3. Risk mitigation methods and strategies

Learning Objectives:
After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Converse in the terminology of financial instruments and their associated risks
  • Understand complex financial risk concepts and their applicability to real-life financial assets and liabilities
  • Assess the rationale behind financial risk/return propositions
  • Identify both explicit and implicit financial risks in corporate activities
  • Assess the magnitude and likelihood of occurrence of financial risks in real-life situations
  • Understand the appropriateness, reliability and limitations of financial risk measurement tools and methodologies