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Reduce The Risk of Smartphone-Distracted Employees


Smartphone addiction is a rampant problem that interferes with work. Screen Education's research finds US employees spend 1.4-2.5 hours each workday accessing digital content unrelated to their job, with social media being their greatest distraction.
We’re also finding that smartphone distraction is decreasing productivity and breeding conflict between less-productive smartphone-distracted employees and those who remain focused. And it's causing workplace accidents, with 26% of employees who work in an industrial setting saying one or more accidents had been caused by a smartphone-distracted employee. These accidents are destroying property and causing injury and death.
In this webinar we explain what makes digital content addictive, and why we can’t depend on employees to self-limit their personal phone use. We then present our astounding findings on the problems digital distraction is causing adults during the workday, and we conclude with how employers can boldly forge a workplace culture that deters smartphone distraction. Topics covered include policy enforcement, and the special challenges faced in fleet vehicle, industrial workplace, and office settings.


  • Understand the factors that make digital content addictive to a great number of people.
  • Understand how this digital addiction distracts employees during the workday and creates numerous problems for employers.
  • Understand how employers can address the problem by implementing a program of culture change.


  • Michael Mercier, President, Screen Education

    Michael Mercier is President of Screen Education, which conducts research on issues at the intersection of information technology and human wellness, and provides training and seminars, consulting, and market research services to organizations, businesses, and schools.

December 1, 2020
Tue 1:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 0M

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