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Hidden Dangers of The Insider Threat | Sponsored by 1st Watch Global


Sponsored by 1st Watch Global.
On May 28, 2020, internationally recognized leaders in the security consultancy field will host a webinar identifying the hidden risks of the ever increasing insider threat.
The webinar, featuring retired FBI special agents and senior strategists, will highlight the different ways insider threat protagonists are attacking businesses and institutions today. They will discuss the devastating impact an insider threat can have and the barriers to identifying and ceasing the threat. Importantly, they will demonstrate how to overcome these barriers, ensuring companies can be empowered and prepared.
With real world examples and decades of experience gained from a variety of key leadership roles within the FBI and private sector, the panel will give viewers a fascinating insight into the constant battle against insider threats.
Note: All downloads and related contact information will be accessible to the sponsor of this webinar.


  • Ray Holcomb, President, 1st Watch Global

    Ray has over 30 years’ experience as law enforcement and intelligence officer. He served for 23 years as an FBI Special Agent; 8 as a Strategic Planner with the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC); and 4 as a state Homeland Security Advisor. Ray’s FBI career included 15 years investigating foreign espionage, major drug trafficking organizations, organized crime and National Security matters. As President of 1st Watch Global, Ray ensures the high standards and quality associated with the FBI are also adhered to and core to the working methods of 1st Watch Global.

  • Mike Howard, Director, 1st Watch Global

    Mike possesses over 36 years of senior-level leadership, investigative, operational, training, crisis and special event management experience in law enforcement at local, state, and federal levels. Between 1999 and 2012, Mike held the rank of supervisory special agent and Unit Chief while assigned to the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group, SWAT Operation Unit. Mike utilizes his extensive law enforcement, investigative, and intelligence experience to assemble the finest team of 1st Watch Global Subject Matter Experts for each client and their organization’s requirements.

  • Mike Dorris, Insider Threat Subject Matter Expert, 1st Watch Global

    Mike is the resident Insider Threat expert within 1st Watch Global, calling upon his decades of experience within the FBI and private sector. He was the FBI's on-scene representative in Baghdad, Iraq, among other locations. Mike is a sought after speaker on the complex environment of International Law and following his time as Regional Head of Security Services at Credit Suisse he became a partner in a Washington DC Law firm and he delivers training and consultancy to 1st Watch Global’s clients.

  • Andrew Binns, Chief Strategy Officer, 1st Watch Global

    Andrew is Chief Strategy Officer at 1st Watch Global, and has worked across the digital, public sector, healthcare, tourism marketing and sports fan engagement sectors. As an advocate of behavior change frameworks Andrew has implemented a number of projects that shift stakeholders in belief, attitude and behavior. His specialism is in understanding people and then defining the contextual strategy to activate the desired change and engagement.

May 28, 2020
Thu 1:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

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