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Head Coach and Coach Training

Coach Training Camp prepares fitness and medical professionals to deliver Rock Steady Boxing in a group fitness setting. This course is an essential first step in developing a new Rock Steady Affiliate location.

To become a new Rock Steady Affiliate owner, one must complete Coach Training Camp followed by completion of Affiliate Training Camp. Typically the Affiliate Owner is also the first Head Coach who also completes the in-person skills lab.

Each affiliate location must have at least one Head Coach. This Head Coach is responsible for leading classes and also ensuring the competency of all other coaches within the affiliate location. The Head Coach is required to complete the online and in-person training. An affiliate may have multiple Head Coaches who have completed this training.

In addition to the Head Coach, each affiliate location may have as many Coaches as needed to deliver RSB. A Coach completes only the online training and then receives their skills training from their location's Head Coach. This allows a program to expand it's coaching base without having to send multiple coaches to an in-person camp.

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