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Training Tools: Expert Perspectives on Speech and Swallowing

Course Description:
This course is a 3-part expert panel that addresses how Speech and Language Pathologists address speech and swallowing issues commonly faced by People With Parkinson's (PWP). Coaches will also learn how to apply these concepts in their boxing classes.

Course Objectives: by the end of this course, the learner will be able to-

  • ID common signs & symptoms of communication & swallowing difficulties in PWP
  • Discuss the role of speech and language therapists for their boxers
  • Discuss how respiratory resistance training tools address muscle overload
  • Describe the importance of inspiratory/expiratory strength in relation to coughing
  • Discuss why PWP are at risk for aspiration.
  • Explain the importance of Inspiratory Strength (IS) and Expiratory Strength (ES) Training for PWP.
  • Understand how to integrate ES/IS training into RSB Group Classes
  • Describe how ES/IS training in the gym can help boxers feel empowered with tools learned in the gym
  • Understand when it is necessary to refer boxers to clinicians for out-of-scope issues
Course Instructors:
  • Taylor Trowbridge M.S. CCC-SLP. Indy Speech Therapy
  • Jessica Huber PhD, Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. Purdue University.
  • Chris Timberlake, ACSM CPT/EIM. Director of Training & Education. Rock Steady Boxing.
Note to learners: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to petition the CE credits from your certifying body. Generally, to petition for credits, your certifying body will ask you to submit the following:
  1. Certificate of Completion
  2. Learning Objectives
  3. Speaker Bio's
  4. Course Agenda/Education hours
* All of these documents are included in the last section of your course