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Linked Open Data Principles and Practices| A&D: Transformational | April 20, 2021

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This webcast is an introduction to linked open data (LOD) and provides an overview of current LOD adoption in the information professions, with a focus on archives. Archivists who are new to LOD or wish to reacquaint themselves with LOD are encouraged to take this webcast. The course begins with an introduction to LOD, including standards and formats used in implementation. It will conclude describing some significant LOD projects and efforts in archives, and provide references to selected resources for those wanting to learn more about this technology.
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Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to:
  • Define linked data
  • Define open data
  • Explain fundamentals of linked data and open data
  • Describe current standards for expressing linked data
  • Determine when linked data is useful in an archival context
  • Identify and use appropriate techniques to make the process easier
  • Identify social and cultural implications of representation in linked data
  • Identify barriers to implementation
Who Should Attend:
practicing archivists, librarians, IT specialists, managers

What You Should Already Know:
Should be familiar with the concept of structured data.
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