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Fire Protection in Archives, Museums, and Collections: Alternatives to NOVEC 1230 for Fire Suppression | July 20, 2023

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For several years now, following the demise of Halon and later FM-200, NOVEC 1230 has served as the preferred gaseous fire suppression agent of choice for protecting high-value archives, museums, and collections from the threat of fire. 3M, the manufacturer, recently announced that they will cease production of NOVEC 1230 no later than 2025 due to the presence of PFAS chemicals in the NOVEC 1230 product and manufacturing process. This session will address the immediate impact of this announcement on collections that are already protected with NOVEC 1230 systems and present alternatives – such as water mist, inert gas, and hybrid systems – worth considering for organizations with new fire suppression system installations pending in the near future.

Upon completion of this course, you will:
Learn about recent changes in the market availability of NOVEC 1230 gaseous fire suppression agent.
  • Understand general characteristics of water mist, inert gas, and hybrid water mist/inert gas fire suppression systems.
  • Learn how other institutions evaluated available fire suppression system options and selected the preferred option for their collection.
  • Recognize key criteria to address when selecting a fire suppression strategy for your collection.
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