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Navigating Barriers to Ethical Labor Practices | October 30, 2023

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Contemporary archives leaders contend with long-standing concerns about sustainability, access, and advocacy, in addition to the challenges and excitement of traditional and developing workflows and programs. However, ongoing, and recently pressing shifts in the profession highlight the need for leaders to reconsider “softer” concerns that impact their - and employees’ - decision-making and collaborative capacities. Many of these issues center on emotional labor, precarity, and inequitable workload. In this webinar, experts on morale, designing ethical project positions, early career archivists, and workplace ableism will explore these concerns through conversation and open the floor to attendees.
Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify factors and systems that affect morale and compromise employees’ approach to daily archival practice.
  • Implement more inclusive hiring practices.
  • Recognize exploitative and ableist job structures.
  • Implement daily work practices or strategies supporting the employee growth.
  • Reflect on the structures of institution and identify ideal labor divisions.
Who Should Attend?
While early-career archivists may benefit from points of discussion and knowing what minimum standards to advocate for, this presentation is primarily designed for mid- and upper-tier managers, and those in a position to make changes and advocate for the well-being of the employees they supervise.
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