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Forming Names According to RDA: Part 1 | A&D: Foundational | December 4, 2014

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Get an overview of the rules outlined in the Resource Description and Access (RDA) standard for forming personal, corporate body and family names (chapters 8-11). The 2nd edition of DACS indicates the use of companion standards such as RDA for the formation of appropriate name headings. You’ll begin with a discussion of the benefits of authority work and authority structures, including available resources such as the Library of Congress Authorities and the Union List of Artists Names. Following that introduction, we’ll cover the construction of names for persons, corporate bodies, and families in detail; and reference the specific rules as found in RDA.

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Identify the value of authorities.
  • Recognize existing authority files.
  • Reference additional resources on authority work.
  • Form names according to a set of rules (RDA) for persons, corporate bodies and families.

Who Should Attend:
archivist practitioners, librarians, archivists needing a refresher on cataloging principles

What You Should Already Know:
You should be versed in DACS and understand basic archival descriptive practices.

A&D Core Competency:
2. Description: Analyze and describe details about the attributes of a record or collection of records to facilitate identification, management, and understanding of the work.
3. Descriptive Standards: Apply rules and practices that codify the content of information used to represent archival materials in discovery tools according to published structural guidelines.
5. Discovery: Create tools to facilitate access and disseminate descriptive records of archival materials.

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