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VeriScreen, Inc.

VeriScreen, Inc.’s resident screening solutions help property owners and rental agencies to quickly screen applicants, find reliable tenants and avoid problem renters. The key to our success is our trademarked “Person Search Plus™ product that goes back 30 years over a multitude of databases to ensure your applicants are properly identified. Turn to VeriScreen, Inc. for: Fast, accurate background checks; Reliable address, identity and employment verification; Truly comprehensive criminal records searches; FCRA compliant credit checks; No false positives; Quickly turn qualified applicants into reliable residents. VeriScreen, Inc.’s comprehensive background checks are matched with excellent service and fast turnaround times to expedite the leasing or approval process and avoid holding deposit refunds. When more information is needed, VeriScreen, Inc.’s landlord-resident check database provides access to 34 million records and data not accessed by other screeners.