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Understanding the UPCS/REAC Process

This webinar will give an overview of a REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center) inspection process. It will discuss HUD’s available resources, what the inspector is looking for when they come to your property, and the inspector’s rules of conduct.

Presentation - 26 min 48 sec

Lloyd Adams, KBL Housing Associates
Mr. Lloyd Adams earned his B.S. from Winthrop University.Since 2006, he has been a certified UPCS inspector and owner of KBL Housing Associates.  He has completed intensive training on REAC/UPCS inspection protocol, and is a FEMA disaster relief inspector.  In addition to corporate responsibilities, he has performed UPCS inspection in over 25,000 housing units throughout the nation using HUD’s UPCS inspection protocol.  Mr. Adams is also the Vice President of SC Community Uplift (a non profit organization) located in Columbia, SC

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