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EIV Discrepancy Reports

Are EIV income discrepancies ruining your day? Do you see these discrepancies, throw your hands up and wonder where to start? This is the webinar for you! We will look at income discrepancies step by step in a way that will give you the tools to quickly review and understand exactly where the discrepancy is coming from and how to resolve it.

Presentation - 56 min 26 sec

Sonja Horn, DASH Compliance
Ms. Sonja Horn is the president and founder of DASH Compliance consulting company. She also works as the Director of Compliance for Marcrum Management Company out of Birmingham, AL.  Ms. Horn started her more than 20 years in the affordable housing industry as an on-site manager and knows first-hand the challenges that both managers and owners face in the ever complex world of HUD and tax credit compliance.She is the VP of Education for SAHMA and sits on the Board of Directors.

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