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Surviving Time to Event Analysis

Surviving Time to Event Analysis

 March 24
Time: 08:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM EST | 17:00 CET | 21:30 IST 


Time to event analysis (survival analysis) has been used for many years in study designs in clinical research. Implementing a successful clinical trial utilizing time to event analysis requires a basic understanding of the of the statistical methodology, the clinical trial endpoints, the data, and how all of these factors are related. The most common method used in time to event analysis is Kaplan-Meier Analysis. This method uses all data whether the event has occurred or will occur some time in the future. This webinar will provide a basic description of Kaplan-Meier analysis and the endpoints and the data used in time to event analysis. Finally, considerations relevant to clinical data management will be presented with respect to time to event analysis.


  • Understand basic statistical concepts underlying time to event analysis.
  • Identify some of the clinical trial endpoints used in time to event analysis.
  • Describe the data required for time to event analysis.
  • Understand the events associated with each type of endpoint presented.


The audience for this webinar will be intermediate to advanced clinical research professionals. They will have had some exposure to time to event analysis (survival analysis) in clinical research.


Webinar participants will understand the basic concepts of time to event analysis (survival analysis). They will also be prepared to identify the clinical trial endpoints, the data required, and the practical considerations associated with time to event analysis in clinical research. Those participating with minimal experience should be able to meaningfully contribute to a clinical trial using time to event analysis. While those who have been involved in time to event clinical trials should have a better understanding of time to event analysis and provide leadership in the implementation and conduct of a clinical trial with time to event primary or secondary objectives.


Tim Breen, Director Clinical Research Informatics, Hoosier Cancer

Tim was the Director of Clinical Research Informatics for the Hoosier Cancer Research Network for over nine years and retired in 2019. He has been involved in clinical research for more than 20 years. His interests are in the quality of data and the development of methods to efficiently maintain quality data. He has been the Chair of the SCDM Webinar Committee since 2009.

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