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Data Management has come a long way... and so has SCDM.

We are delighted to present to you a new and interactive learning and community platform. This is only one way in which SCDM thrives to remain at the forefront of the continuously changing CDM world.

SCDM offers a full range of educational opportunities to complement your professional development as a clinical data manager and to assist you in preparing for the CCDM® Certification Exam.

Browse our events and courses to choose the next learning opportunity which will help accelerate your career.  

February 24 - March 22
Project Management for the Data ManagerFREE Information Session
March 16 - April 12
Metrics and Identifying Data TrendsFREE Information Session
April 13 - May 10Selecting and Implementing Electronic Data Capture (EDC1)FREE Information Session
May 11 - June 7Managing Clinical Trials Utilizing Electronic Data Capture (EDC2)FREE Information Session
July 6 - August 2Developing Data Management Plans
August 3 - 30Locking the Electronic Data Capture System (EDC3)
August 31 - September 27CRF Design
September 28 - October 25Processing Lab Data
October 26 - November 22
Influence of the Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) and Randomization on Data Collection
November 23 - December 22Data Quality in Clinical Research

February 4State of the Industry 2020 - FREE Webinar
February 12, 13:30-15:00 China Beijing timeCentral Lab Data Handling- imparted in Chinese
February 26An Innovative Approach in collecting Protocol Deviations for Clinical Trials using EDC
March 2 What’s New in the GCDMP?FREE WEBINAR
March 10What’s the Experiment? (Protocol Review)
March 26Embracing Oncology Trials Design
April 15How To Manage Unique Types Under Oncology Trials
AprilImproving Collaboration and Quality from Collection and Analysis through Submission
May 6Adaptive Trial Design

Featured Live Events