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Wine Tasting by Structure

Note: if you missed the start of this series, you can purchase the recordings here.

This series of six webinars discusses how to taste major white and red grape varieties from the perspective of wine structure. Based on the principles described in his recent book Beyond Flavour, Nick Jackson MW will show how assessing a wine's structure (acid structure in white wine and tannin structure in red wine) enables a better understanding of major grape varieties than simply relying on flavour, and helps explains why wines taste as they do.

This series of webinars will be interesting to any wine lover seeking to broaden their knowledge of classic grape varieties, and will be particularly valuable for wine students, who may find the principles discussed improve their blind tasting skills.

You do not need to purchase or taste any wines in order to benefit from the webinars. However, you will probably learn most if you do taste each variety as it is discussed during the webinar. To that end, suggested wine regions to source each variety from are stated in the description of each session.

Notes: Please review the School of Taste FAQ here before booking. No wine is included in the price of the webinars. Once you purchase the webinar series (or any individual webinar), you will have access to each live webinar as well as the recording. You will automatically receive the link to the recording shortly after the webinar has finished, and you can watch it as many times as you like.

This webinar, like all the others produced by The School of Taste, does NOT teach wine tasting according to any principles used by any other body, such as WSET, IMW or CMS. The approach to tasting it uses is that developed by Nick Jackson MW, which aims to be inclusive of all levels of knowledge, from complete amateurs to MW and MS students. If you are a wine student, bear in mind the language used to describe wine in these webinars may not be understood by your awarding body, so please proceed with caution.

N.B.: the content of this series of webinars is the same as what appeared in The School of Taste webinars of May-July 2020.