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SFIA 103: Sustainability of cold-formed steel-LEED v.4

SFIA 103: Sustainability of cold-formed steel — LEED v.4
AIA Course
Recorded March 29, 2023

Course Description
This course will introduce participants to the sustainability benefits of cold-formed steel in general. We will focus on three major components of sustainability; Material recycling or recycled content, energy savings the steel industry has achieved over time in producing the steel used for cold-formed framing products, and greenhouse gas reductions by the steel producers over time. After that, we will spend the bulk of our time on requirements and opportunities to increase building sustainability with cold-formed steel under the U.S Green Building Council’s LEED system.
Learning objectives
  1. Be able to identify recycling benefits associated with the use of cold-formed steel framing
  2. Be able to identify progress made by steel producers in reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Have a basic understanding of the latest version of LEED®
  4. Be knowledgeable of the specific LEED® requirements that are associated with cold-formed steel and resources available to assist in meeting those requirements
CEU Info
This course is registered with AIA CES and participants will earn 1 “Learning Unit” in the “Health, Safety, Welfare” category. Credit(s) earned on completion of this course will be reported to AIA CES for AIA members.

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