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SFIA 104: Equivalent "EQ" cold-formed steel studs

SFIA 104: Equivalent "EQ" cold-formed steel studs
AIA Course
Recorded April 26, 2023

Course Description
This presentation will describe Equivalent, or EQ products used for NONSTRUCTURAL cold-formed steel framing. It will address relevant codes and standards issues, explain the physical differences between EQ and conventional studs, including yield strength and coating differences. Examples will be provided showing how to use limiting heights tables for EQ and conventional studs. And provide tips for how to best identify, specify and build with EQ Products and remain compliant to the Building Codes.
Learning objectives
  1. Identify the basic characteristics of cold-formed steel and differences between EQ versus traditional studs for nonstructural applications
  2. Identify the primary codes and standards that govern traditional and EQ nonstructural CFS studs
  3. Identify the minimum structural and coating requirements for traditional and EQ drywall studs
  4. Use limiting heights tables to select wall studs or assemblies
  5. Properly Specify fire- and sound-rated partitions
CEU Info
This course is registered with AIA CES and participants will earn 1 “Learning Unit” in the “Health, Safety, Welfare” category. Credit(s) earned on completion of this course will be reported to AIA CES for AIA members.

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