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Navigating Building Code Changes: Ensuring Code Compliance for Nonstructural Steel Framing Coatings

 Technical Course
Recorded on July 27, 2023

Course Description
Not all building code changes are good ones, and when a change to reference standards was made in the 2018 IBC, there were some serious implications for all SFIA members who produce, use, or install nonstructural cold-formed steel framing with corrosion protection other than G40. But not to worry — we had a solution! We have spent the better part of a year testing a representative sampling of CFS coatings to ensure that the SFIA’s code compliance meets the latest G40 protective coatings for nonstructural steel standard and this presentation will walk you through both the test methodology and the results so you will know which coatings can be used as equivalents to G40 with confidence.


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