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Delegated Design in Cold-Formed Steel (CFS): Empowering Engineers, Architects and Contractors for Success

Technical Course
Recorded on August 24, 2023

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August 24 webinar is sponsored by Super Stud Building Products

Course Description
This course tailored specifically to Structural Specialty Engineers, Architects, Structural Engineers of Record and Contractors who are involved in Delegated Design with Cold-Formed Steel (CFS). This webinar aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively delegate and execute delegated design projects with confidence and success.

Webinar Topics:
  1. For Architects and Structural Engineers of Record: Effectively Delegating and Providing Resources for Delegated Design
    • Understanding the role of the Architect and Structural Engineer of Record in the delegated design process
    • Key strategies for successful delegation and resource provision
    • Ensuring clear communication and collaboration with the design team
  2. For Structural Specialty Engineers: Effectively Executing Delegated Designs with Support from Architects and Structural Engineers of Record and Contractors
    • Identifying the essential requirements from the Architect, Structural Engineer of Record and Contractor
    • Leveraging resources and expertise to streamline the design process
    • Overcoming challenges and ensuring compliance with codes and standards
  3. For Contractors: Navigating Delegated Design Projects
    • Identifying critical aspects to be vigilant about in delegated design documents
    • Collaborating effectively with the design team and resolving potential conflicts
    • Ensuring successful execution and quality control during construction
  4. Avoiding Pitfalls: Tips and Strategies for a Smooth Delegated Design Process
    • Common pitfalls and challenges in delegated design projects
    • Proactive measures to prevent costly errors and delays
    • Real-life case studies of successful delegated design projects

CEU Info
This course is not officially registered with any third-parties but may be eligible to be reported as a self-directed course if that option is available under the continuing education parameters of your program.

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