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SFPE Live Premium Webinar Series: Cannabis: Protecting the Process - Understanding Fire Protection Issues in the Cannabis Industry

Please note: The series may be purchased as a bundle for $125-$200 or purchased by individual webinars.

Description: Over the last several years, regions around the world have been decriminalizing cannabis with many US States passing or proposing laws fully legalizing the substance. Now with greater access, there has been an expanded interest and access to cannabis and hemp oil extract products. How do we protect this emerging hazard? This webinar series invites leading experts in the field to cover the following topics:

  • Understand the process involved in cannabis extraction.
  • Identify applicable codes and standards to the cannabis extraction process.
  • Gain knowledge on emerging trends surrounding cannabis and cannabis extractions, and their risks.
  • Apply fire protection concepts to case studies of cannabis extraction.
  • Discuss Performance-Based strategies to mitigate hazards.

6/17: Part 1 – History of the Cannabis Industry and Code Requirements, presented by Jennifer Hoyt
6/24: Part 2 – Cannabis Cultivation: Transitioning from Traditional to Legal Markets, presented by Ronnie Thomas
7/1: Part 3 – Code Compliance and Safety in Cannabis Extraction Facilities, presented by Todd LaBerge
7/8: Part 4 – Power Hour, moderated by Jack Poole

All sessions take place from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET