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Live Member Webinar: The Impact of Li-Ion Energy Storage Systems on Residential Garage Fire Dynamics

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Live Webinar: December 13, 2022. In response to li-ion thermal runaway safety concerns from authorities having jurisdiction, the insurance industry, and the fire service, UL conducted two series of full-scale tests with mockup residential energy storage systems in residential garage structures in 2022. As li-ion battery product lines have demonstrated disparate thermal runaway risks (e.g., e-mobility incidents vs EV incidents), the objective of this research is to aid in reducing the severity of li-ion thermal runaway consequences by improving the understanding of how flammable gases released during li-ion thermal runaways can impact fire dynamics and develop explosion hazards in residential scenarios.
The first test series included full-scale two-car garage structure experiments conducted under laboratory conditions to examine the impact of battery involvement on compartment fire behavior and response to firefighter ventilation operations. The second test series developed data to understand the relationship between battery gas release quantity and the resultant deflagration hazards to typical residential garage structures, occupants, and first responders.
This presentation will summarize the preliminary findings of each test series.

Learning Objectives:
•Identify indicators of li-ion battery thermal runaway off-gas accumulation in compartments/enclosures.
•Comprehend the development of immediate and delayed ignition explosion hazards created by li-ion off-gas accumulation.
•Awareness that li-ion battery gas can increase the flammability of underventilated compartment fire smoke, and anticipation of immediate fire response to changes in ventilation.
•Understand how fire involvement of ordinary combustibles fire may conceal li-ion thermal runaway indicators and impair or prevent identification of li-ion battery involvement in a compartment fire.

Adam Barowy

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