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Sustainability and Fire Resilience: Webinar 3 - Research Directions in Sustainability and Fire


Live Webinar: September 20th, 2023, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. EDT US Eastern

To foster an understanding of the complex interplay between fire safety and sustainability, SFPE recently launched the Sustainability and Fire Committee, charged with drafting an SFPE position relative to this important topic. In support of an increased understanding of this topic in the FSE community, this initiative is coupled with a webinar series. As sustainability principles become a mainstream consideration in many built environment projects, SFPE has identified the need to ensure that fire safety is not compromised as a result. Awareness, knowledge, and education are required to address such concerns. Ultimately, a culture change is required in the fire engineering profession, and knowledge generated by research is a key enabler of such a behavioral shift.

This webinar is the third and final virtual presentation in an SFPE series that has addressed the overarching theme of sustainability and fire resilience. Webinar 1 set the scene for the series theme, while Webinar 2 provided fire safety perspectives relative to the three pillars of sustainability (environment, social and economic). Webinar 3 builds upon the first two webinars by providing a snapshot of current and future international research that links both sustainability and fire to the built environment.

Learning Objectives:
Participants in this webinar are expected to learn:
- the three pillars of sustainability
- the significance of fire safety in relation to sustainability
- the importance of context in determining fire safety and sustainability needs.

Xinyan Huang
Zahra Jandaghian
Grunde Jomaas

Greg Baker

Professional Development Credit:
1.5 PDH

Webinar Fees:
SFPE Members: Free
SFPE Non-members: Free
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This webinar is the last part of this series. The recording of the previous webinar can be found at us for the in-person panel discussion at the SFPE Annual Conference and Expo in Bethesda, MD, on October 10, 2023.

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