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Premium Webinar Series: Fire & Life Safety In Health Care (2022)

All live webinars in the series are recorded and provided on-demand for later viewing.

Live Webinar: September 6, 2022, 12:00pm EDT
Speaker: Mike Crowley

Title: An International Challenge
The fire and life safety risk in the health care setting is similar around the world. This presentation will discuss the risk of normal operations and emergency operations in hospitals and health care facilities. Common themes of protection and differences in approach will be explored. A discussion of performance based and prescriptive approaches to fire and life safety will be presented. Which is more effective automatic sprinkler verse compartmentation or Automatic sprinkler AND compartmentation. How is redundancy and robustness addressed in Code and performance based design for health care.

Live Webinar: September 12, 2022, 12:00pm EDT
Speaker: Josh Brackett

Title: Transition to Operations
Occupancy of a new and renovated health care space triggers immediate regulatory and safety requirements including the location of emergency shut-off valves, accurate inventory counts, preventive maintenance procedures for equipment, and updated and accurate life safety drawings. As an industry, there has been an increase in the inclusion of end-users in the design process. However, transitioning to operations is an area where increased collaboration with facilities can yield greater results and improved safety. The presentation will include experiences from the perspective of a fire protection engineer/facilities professional/healthcare codes and regulatory expert. Specific successful and unsuccessful case studies will be presented. Ideas and suggestions for all stakeholders to improve the transition process will be presented.

Live Webinar: September 15, 2022, 12:00pm EDT
Speaker: Lennon Peake

Title: Behavioral Health
Life Safety in health care occupancies poses challenges which are not present in many other occupancies. The presentation will detail health care occupancy requirements and challenges as related to the design and operation of facilities which provide behavioral health services.

Live Webinar: September 21, 2022, 12:pm EDT
The panel will consist of fire protection engineers with significant health care experience. The panelists will be asked questions from their presentations as well as other topics that are submitted by the participants. Moderated by Bill Koffel.
Panelist: Mike Crowley
Panelist: Josh Brackett
Panelist: Lennon Peake
Moderator: William Koffel

Professional Development Hours:1.5 PDH/session. After viewing the webinars and completing evaluations, you can claim your Certificate of Completion.

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SFPE Non-members: $200.00*

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