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COVID-19 and Equity Webinars Series 2020-2021

As the pandemic commenced during the spring of 2020, and as the systemic health inequities were brought to the forefront, a group of SGIM members came together to consider ways that they could increase awareness and share ways to address inequities in various populations. Out of these discussions a series of eight webinars were developed and delivered between June 2020 and June 2021.

These webinars included conversations with leaders of previous public health crises and what they learned that inform the current pandemic and future crises that will occur. Webinars include engaging and educating Trainees, working with older adults, adults experiencing homelessness, and criminal justice involved individuals during the pandemic; as well as tools for advocacy and engaging stakeholder in substantial change necessary to address systemic inequities.

SGIM members have free access to these webinars (individually or as a bundle). If you are not a member, you can purchase individual webinars (only $5) or the entire series (only $35). Or better yet – become a SGIM Member TODAY and get access at no additional cost!