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eLearning Pricing Strategies

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We know we’ve got to go digital to remain relevant with our learners. But because investing in eLearning can either serve up a passive revenue stream boom or a catastrophic budget buster – a proven strategy is imperative.

In this session we'll talk about crafting a winning value proposition, avoiding common mistakes that kill registrations and explore pricing structures that combat one-offs.

By the end of this course you will:
  • Apply a 4-part framework that will clarify your value proposition
  • Consider five common registration killing mistakes you may be making
  • Explore five options for pricing eLearning programs


  • 60-minute on-demand video
  • 1 Worksheet
  • Reflection Exercise
  • 3 Question Quiz
  • Course Evaluation
  • Access on all devices
This Path Showroom course has been designed to demonstrate Level 1 eLearning. After completing the course assets, access my learning design plan and Level 1 eLearning criteria.