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Follow-up Assignment

The Assignments feature allows you to create, grade, and review coursework in Path. Participants can upload work for a grade, and receive feedback after submission.


1) Please upload a Word Doc with the top three activities you like to do in the summer!

  • Add your answer, browse and select your completed assignment.
  • Add any comments for the reviewer in the comment box.
  • You can attach files, documents, handouts and add relevant links to any assignment.
  • Check out some suggestions with the link and attachments shared.
  • Click Submit Assignment.
  • After the assignment has been graded, you can login and see the grade you received on the assignment.  You also have the opportunity to see valuable feedback and encouragement.
2) Join the Discussion- See below

3) Email your instructor for any further questions:

4) We will have a live discussion on X date at 2pm.  Join the discussion at (Google Hangouts, Skype, Adobe Connect......) You will receive an email reminder.