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How to Produce Wildly/Popular Webinars


The vast majority of webinars are boring, long, unidirectional, and clearly not designed to be learning experiences. Webinar technology was designed for virtual interaction. It has the potential to be a powerful player in the learning portfolio

In this presentation, Jocelyn offers a model for enhancing the quality and engagement of webinars. Come ready to talk about:

  • How to work with speakers to design interactive experiences
  • How to produce webinars like a pro
  • How to keep the conversation stoked even after the event ends
Want a sneak peak on how Blue Sky can help you produce engaging webinars? Watch the short video below!


  • Jocelyn Fielding

    Jocelyn has been working at Blue Sky eLearn since 2012 and is currently the Director of Marketing and Sales Operations at Blue Sky. She oversees all marketing initiatives as well as maintaining sales processes and data integrity. Prior to her current role, Jocelyn held various roles working with our channel partners, account management, and new business. When Jocelyn isn't working, she enjoys taking advantage of the San Diego weather and spending her time outdoors - at the beach or hiking in the mountains.

  • Chris Justin

    Chris' primary focus is managing strategic partner and client relations for Online Learning Portals, overseeing software development and maintaining IT infrastructure. He has been working with Blue Sky eLearn since 2005 and has been involved with the technology industry for over 10 years. During that time has been heavily involved in the healthcare and publishing industries.

November 26, 2020
Thu 8:00 AM EST

Duration 8H 30M

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