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Communicating Value through Strategic Alignment - 3 Part Series

Establishing a strong link between our customer/client value requirements and the major value-producing activities of the organization that we work for is the foundation on which the delivery of superior customer value is based. Information professionals develop opportunities in their organizations by creating demand. They can learn to link their products and services with the solutions to their customers’ most pressing problems. This kind of added value makes the information professional indispensable.

This program captures how to create value statements and value propositions for key services and stakeholders of one’s organization. To do this, we use the formula often used by salespeople: Value X Recognition = INFLUENCE. Learn to differentiate yourself from the competition by creating a climate for successful implementation of innovation strategy and fitting it into your organizational culture. This program stresses traditional, evidence-based approaches to marketing, along with forward-thinking tools and technologies to reach today’s digital audience. It incorporates sales and marketing techniques and tools with a practical approach that can be taken back to one’s organization and further developed.

Participants learn to:

  • Develop strategic plans and strategies and align them to their organization's strategic goals and mission.
  • Better communicate the value of the information organization, including information services, products, and policies, to senior management, key stakeholders, and client groups.
  • Calculate a return on investment for information services and products.
  • Communicate the value of the information organization to their clients and key stakeholders.
  • Conduct market research of the information behaviors and problems of current and potential client groups to identify concepts for new or enhanced information solutions for these groups.
  • Transform these concepts into customized information products and services.
Session 1:
  • Market research and the value of the library
  • User analysis and needs assessment
  • Market segmentation
Session 2:
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Value propositions
Session 3:
  • Measuring impact and service review