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Virtual Roundtable: Protest Music and Social Justice

Carrying the message of resistance and affirmation on a tune, SLA Librarians discuss their research and love of protest music from areas across the globe. In a time when we are thinking about and living in a moment of great social justice change, how has music played a part with its power to create change and connection? Learn about library resources on protest music and share a protest song that moves you.

SLA Europe President Seema Rampersad will discuss the research on Afro-Caribbean Music, Reggae, Jazz and Chutney Music, touch on how the Windrush Generation influenced music in Britain, and talk about the Notting Hill Caribbean Carnival, which is celebrated in various global cities. Seema will point participants to British Library links, sounds, and sound archive. SLA Past President Roberto Sarmiento will present Latin America protest music which challenges imperialism and racism, Puerto Rican anti-government protest rap en EspaƱol. and immigration protest music from a world view including Mexican-American rock.