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SLA PartnerTalk- LibKey: Simplifying Access for Better Library ROI

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Researchers often report that the process required to access full text articles is confusing and time consuming, leading to wasted time, incomplete research and general dissatisfaction.

Open web sites like Google Scholar are easy to use but obscure factors, such as the IP address of the researcher, can bring users to paywalls, even for content that is otherwise available from their library. Library databases and journals offer a wealth of information options but accessing full text requires navigating different vendor platforms, clicking through link resolver menus and waiting for pages to load.

Join Third Iron Co-founder and CEO Kendall Bartsch to learn how these access problems were the motivation behind developing LibKey, the next generation linking technology that simplifies and accelerates access to content from any point of discovery. Kendall will provide an overview of LibKey, share the ways it addresses common access challenges and discuss how libraries using LibKey report better ROI on library services.

Learning objectives

  • Describe barriers to full text access
  • Identify new technologies available to address those barriers
  • Improve researcher outcomes and library ROI