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Embrace Research Integrity, Avoid Scientific Misconduct, and Enhance Scholarly Research

In recent years, the scientific community has witnessed a number of instances of retracted research papers due to the evidence found of scientific misconduct after those papers were published. This presentation will highlight the importance of academic and scientific integrity in the progress of global research. Whether you are writing a research paper or completing an assignment for your class, it is extremely important to provide proper credit to various sources of information (journal article, conference paper, presentation, book chapter, a web site, images or any other types of resources) that were used in projects or assignments. Using various examples of breaches in academic misconduct, or retracted papers from published literature, violations in scientific integrity and academic misconduct are explained, and possible hindrances and obstacles to scientific progress are illustrated. Their consequences can be extremely damaging in career promotion and future research collaborations. It becomes critically important for creating teaching and learning environments for students and new researchers to address this global problem and enhance the quality of academic and scholarly activities.