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INTEL 05- Intelligence Published Source Collection: Research, Part 2

How do I conduct more advanced business & industry, international, as well as other specialized research for intelligence applications?

How do I conduct more robust monitoring for intelligence efforts? How do I design research and monitoring efforts for the greatest value, efficiency, and effectiveness?

What are some tools and techniques that can support my research and monitoring efforts and create greater impact?

This, Part 2 of the online course, Intelligence Published Source Collection: Research Techniques, builds on the fundamental concepts and techniques of intelligence research covered in Part 1. We will examine advanced topics that include:
  1. Researching to support common intelligence analytical frameworks
  2. Researching companies, industries, and people for intelligence applications
  3. Intellectual property and other specialized research
  4. Designing and managing effective and robust monitoring efforts
  5. Intelligence research tools.
These topics will focus on supporting intelligence and decision practices and requirements, with emphasis on directly supporting some common intelligence and business frameworks. This continues to build from general business research, as well as fundamental competitive intelligence research sources and methods that we covered in Part 1. In Part 1, we covered open source intelligence, ensuring balanced and thorough coverage of sources, best practices. For Part 2, we will continue to emphasize creative techniques and innovative approaches that sustain intelligence research, as we look more systematic and robust research and monitoring practices, and offering more impact through our efforts. This course includes exercises/ discussions involving intelligence research to support analysis.

Prerequisite: Participants enrolled for the Intelligence for the Information Function (IIF) and the Dual Intelligence Certificates are recommended to complete course INTEL-04.
As with each course in this program, this online course considers issues and opportunities for information professionals in intelligence and decision support, as well as in transitioning into intelligence practice.