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INTEL-15 Intelligence Defense

What is intelligence defense and how does it complement traditional intelligence?

How can intelligence defense help protect my organization from being targeted for competitive intelligence?

How do I practice intelligence defense? How do I help my organization practice defense?

When organizations conduct competitive or strategic intelligence, there are organizations on the other side that should be prepared for intelligence defense. Odds are, this includes your organization. While competitive intelligence practices, tools, and techniques are taught and commonly discussed, most organization neglect the need to protect themselves from targeting. Intelligence defense, called counterintelligence in traditional intelligence circles, is a systematic practice that is designed to protect your organization from intelligence collection and discovery, or even to minimize your risk of being targeted by competitors. In this course, we will flip competitive intelligence and look at it from the perspective of defense, taking intelligence offense techniques to design defensive programs that can protect your intelligence team, your intelligence efforts, your intelligence stakeholders,…your organization.