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Welcome to APPLIED, the SLAS Online Learning Center. Access and purchase current and compelling educational content from SLAS. APPLIED modules can be accessed by anyone with a reliable internet connection via your desktop/laptop computer, tablet or mobile device. Explore what APPLIED has to offer. Check back throughout the year to listen to previously purchased content or access new content. 

Patient Derived Scaffolds (PDS) in Cancer Research and Drug Discovery
Compound-mediated Interferences in Homogeneous Proximity Assays
Advanced 3D Applications and Tips for Optimizing Your 3D Assays
Introduction To & Getting Started With Organoids
Solutions for Vaccine Production
Novel Technologies For The Fight Against COVID-19
Genome Editing Applications in Drug Discovery and Target Validation

3D Models
Advances in Bioanalytics and Biomarkers
Advances in Experimental Drug Discovery
Advances in In Silico Drug Discovery
Advances in Laboratory Automation Technology
Assay Development and Screening
Automation and High-Throughput Technologies
Biologics Discovery

Careers, Business & Technology: Explore the Opportunities
Cellular Technologies
Data Analysis and Informatics
Drug Target Strategies
High-Definition Biotechnology
Informatics & Data Processing
Micro- and Nanotechnologies
Molecular Libraries
Precision Medicine Technologies
Sample Management
Syn Bio

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