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V&P Scientific, Inc.: Mix Without A Stir Bar - SpinVessel® and MagWash®

The new SpinVessel® is a new patent pending technology that allows you to mix samples in tubes WITHOUT A STIR BAR. Our SpinVessel Tubes have unique projections inside that suspend particulates such as cells, and beads by oscillating the rotation of the tube. This gentle stirring will not shear or deteriorate your cells or beads. Our SpinVessel® Systems can be use on the Benchtop or on a Liquid Handler.

The MagWash® System allows you to wash magnetic beads in a single location with a push of a button, or command from your liquid handling software. This system uses powerful Neodymium Magnets to separate magnetic beads. It will also resuspend your beads after separation. No need to pipet for resuspension, or moving the tube to a vortexer. This is great for automation or for use on the benchtop.