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High-Content Imaging for Drug Discovery: Insights from Assay Design to Primary Models

Cell-based assays are a cornerstone of current drug discovery pipelines. This workshop focuses on the use of high-content screening in the context of drug discovery and drug re-purposing. Participants will learn about current applications of image-based assays and key considerations for assay development as well as model selection. Aspects of clinical testing and precision medicine using high-content imaging will also be highlighted.

Who Should Attend
Industry or academic scientists with some knowledge in cell-based assays or cell-based screening who want to get an introduction into the use of high-content imaging for drug discovery campaigns or drug re-purposing in primary material.

Workshop Benefits
At the end of the workshop participants should have a good overview and understanding of how high-content imaging can aid drug discovery efforts allowing them to pinpoint potential benefits for their current and future research projects.

Workshops Topics
Model systems for image-based screening
Primary cells
Image-based strategies for screening
Unbiased assays (cell painting)
Biology-directed assays
Image and data analysis
Traditional approaches
AI guided
Data storage consideration
Analysis methods suitable for large datasets (i.e. KNIME, R)
Data visualization

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