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Best of #ANC19: Blast Off With Out-of-This-World Breakfast Strategies

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  • Kati Kauffman, RDN

    Sr. Wellbeing & Regulatory Business Partner
    Kellogg’s Away From Home
    Elmhurst, IL

  • Heather Torrey, MS, RD, SNS

    Assistant Director for Compliance
    Burlington School Food Project
    Burlington, VT

  • Stefanie Dove, MBA, RDN, SNS

    K-12 Wellbeing and Regulatory Business Partner
    Kellogg Company
    Chicago, IL

  • Annessa Bontrager, MS, CHES, EDD

    Senior Project Manager
    No Kid Hungry Campaign
    Washington, DC

November 20, 2019
Wed 2:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 15M

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