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Breakfast trends that will help POWER UP your program!


February 2, 2022

Join Chef Matt Jost as he walks you through LIVE culinary demos to show you how you can add some excitement to your breakfast menu just in time for NSBW! Stefanie Dove will share current menu trends from other food service segments to help ignite your culinary inspiration for breakfast and beyond while providing ideas on how to effectively market your program to students, parents and your school communities!

  • Attendees can explain how they can apply menu trends from other sectors to K-12 menus utilizing current items on bid.
  • Attendees will be able to explain 3 trends which are emerging on menus.
  • Attendees will identify 3 core ingredients that can be utilized in multiple recipes to assist in inventory management.


SNA CEUs:1.0
Key Area: 1000 Nutrition
Key Topic 1100: Menu Planning

Thank you to Kellogg's for supporting this webinar!


  • Matt Jost, CRC, CEC

    Culinary Business Development Manager

  • Stefanie Dove, MBA, RDN, SNS

    K-12 Wellbeing and Regulatory Business Partner
    Kellogg Company
    Chicago, IL

February 2, 2022
Wed 3:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 15M

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