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2018 SNMMI Virtual Meeting

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The SNMMI Virtual Meeting is an online product (with an optional USB) that includes  up to 100 recorded sessions from the SNMMI Annual Meeting. Online access allows you to view presentations from the meeting at your convenience through your desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device.

Please note CE credit is now available for some of the sessions. Additional sessions will be added to the CE list as they are approved. CE credit may be obtained through September 2019.

CME, ACPE & VOICE credit available. 
Look for the CE button next to a session. After viewing the video, click on the Resources Tab, then click on the link to take you to the assessment.

Sessions available for CE:
CE04: Using Lutetium LU 177 Dotatate – Nuts and Bolts Experience
CE08:Theranostics and Bone Targeting Radiopharmaceutical Therapy in Prostate Cancer
CE09: Crystals to Quantitation to QC: A Field Guide to SPECT and PET Instrumentation
CE24: Lung V/Q SPECT Imaging
CE31: Basic Anatomy and Imaging Parameters for CT/MR in the Role of Fusion Imaging
CE37: TBI, CTE and Molecular Imaging: What We Know Today
CE50: Liver Directed Therapy
CE54: Joint ACMUI/SNMMI Session: The ACMUI: What's up for you and your patients?
CE67:GCNMC Award Lectureship Session:The Role of Nuclear Medicine in Osteoporosis - Past, Present, Future
CE73: Radiological Protection in Therapy with Radiopharmaceuticals; Prospects from ICRP TG101
CE75 PSMA and Choline PET/CT for Salvage Treatments in recurrent Prostate Cancer
CE79: PET/CT Guided RT Planning in Patients with Prostate Cancer
CE81: Teaching an Old Dog new Tricks F-DOPA
CE84: Measurement of Absolute Myocardial Blood Flow, Part II: Current State of Dynamic SPECT Imaging
CE89: Nuclear Medicine Management of Adult and Pediatric Hyperthyroidism
TS03: General Nuclear Medicine I - Endocrine and Lymph Node Imaging
TS07: Theranostics: Imaging and Therapy - I
TS13: Neurology Imaging in Nuclear Medicine and PET I
TS14: Coding Update 2018 and Beyond
TS37: Mentoring

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